Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ecclesiastes 9.1-17, John 9.24-41 - Lectionary for 6/1/10

Today's readings are Ecclesiastes 9.1-17 and John 9.24-41.

As we read in Ecclesiastes today we see a persuasive argument for the doctrine of vocation.  What is our calling?  It is the situation in which we find ourselves.  Every believer is serving within a divine calling to bring glory to God by loving and serving his neighbor right where he is. 

What of all this talk in Ecclesiastes 9 about life and death?  I'll counter that with another question.  In what way do we love and serve our neighbor if we are dead?  Should we not pour ourselves out in service during this life?  Should we not seek to be a benefit during this life rather than wishing it away to look to eternity?  Should we not dress ourselves, eat, drink, and enjoy the work the Lord has given us right now?  Otherwise we are busy denying that the Lord is the Lord of now.  We relegate him to being only the Lord of the future.

Our Lord is the one who lovingly cares for us right now.  Let us rejoice in him this very day.

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