Friday, May 7, 2010

Leviticus 26.1-20, Luke 13.18-35 - Lectionary for 5/7/10 - Friday, Easter 5

Today's readings are Leviticus 26.1-20 and Luke 13.18-35.

I've seen a little talk around the Web about suggestions for people who are feeling bogged down by Leviticus.  Frankly, my suggestion for people feeling bogged down with Leviticus is to take a really close look at reading like that for today.  Today's reading divides quite neatly into two segments: 1-13 and 14-20.  Counter to a typical Reformational pattern, this gives us God's blessings first, then God's judgment.  You might question whether there is any Gospel at all in the passage.  Yet I want to observe that in the first thirteen verses God is describing the blessings of his people among whom he dwells.  In Christ we see the fullness of the Godhead dwelling with us.  He is, in fact, God with us, Emmanuel.  With Jesus our savior we see that he has recreated us into the kind of people who walk confidently in the land.  No matter what the enemies, we know the Lord has faced sin, death, and hell.  Even more than that, we know our Lord has risen victorious over them.  We find there is no reason to fear.  God is daily confirming his covenant with us.  He is the one who delivered us from sin and death.  He is the one who has proclaimed us free.  Here are words of great encouragement.  So far from being bogged down in our Leviticus readings, let's look at the Scripture with joyful hearts as we see it proclaiming the wonderful provision of our Lord and Savior.

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