Friday, May 28, 2010

Numbers 27.12-23, Luke 23.26-56 - Lectionary for 5/28/10 - Friday after Pentecost

Today's readings are Numbers 27.12-23 and Luke 23.26-56.

We read today about Moses' commissioning of Joshua.  We recall that Moses is aware he is to die for his sin rather than enter the promised land.  He has continued to lead God's people, yet he will ultimately not receive the promise toward which he is leading them.  To avoid any confusion, God has Moses appoint his successor publicly, clearly, charging him in what he should do and to whom he should turn for help and counsel.  Our Lord is not the God of confusion, as some would have him be.  Likewise, see how clear it is that Joshua is not going to take on priestly authority.  In fact, he is not going to take on all the authority of Moses.  This is not a kingdom that our Lord is setting up.  It is a theocracy.  God intends to rule his people, using some of his people to provide guidance for others.

Likewise in this age of the Church, we see that our Lord has given us his Word to direct us, the Holy Spirit to convict us, point us to Christ, and exhort us in every way, and then has appointed Christian leaders to serve as his hands in our society.  They are not self-appointed but are appointed or often recognized by other believers.  They do not emerge from some secret mystical cocoon, but they are publicly recognized and held accountable publicly.  Our God is a God of order, not chaos.

Let us rejoice in his care for us, ordering our affairs with his love, not leaving us abandoned but caring for us in every way.

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