Saturday, May 29, 2010

Numbers 32.1-6, 16-27, Luke 24.1-27 - Lectionary for 5/29/10 - Saturday after Pentecost

Today's readings are Numbers 32.1-6, 16-27 and Luke 24.1-27.

The people of Gad are easy to misunderstand.  In today's reading we see that they request an alternative inheritance, not the promise the Lord has made within Canaan. Their request initially seems like foolishness, cowardice.  But this is not the case at all. They see that the land where they are is suitable.  It fits their purposes.  Because of their livestock they are best off in an area with wide open spaces.  They are not departing from their loyalty to Israel.  On the contrary, they wish to set up their cities and homes, then go to fight for Israel's entrance into the land of promise, not returning to their homes and comfort until all which has been said is done.

Likewise in our New Testament reading today we see someone who has gone to settle in a far away place butis fighting for his people who are in battle  as they enter their promise.  Jesus who has triumphed over sin and death continues to work in this world which is full of sin.  He knows the battle is not done for us.  And even when he sits down to rest at the right hand of the Father in heaven he will continue working on our behalf.

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