Thursday, May 27, 2010

Numbers 24.1-25, Luke 23.1-25 - Lectionary for 5/27/10 - Thursday after Pentecost

Today's readings are Numbers 24.1-25 and Luke 23.1-25.

As we read the end of the narrative of Balaam, we are reminded once again of the majesty of our Lord.  He has appointed his people for blessing, not for cursing.  He has gathered them for his purposes.  Who are we to stand against the purposes of the Lord?  And likewise, as God's people, redeemed in Christ, we realize our Lord has appointed us to receive his blessing and comfort.  Who will stand between God and us to thwart that plan of our Lord?  Nobody is able to do so.

There's a very strong tie-in between this concept and our New Testament reading today.  How does the Lord put his blessing on us?  It is by taking the curse of our unbelief upon himself in the person of God the Son, Jesus.  The one who bears no guilt becomes all our guilt and sin.  He releases us who are insurrectionists and murderers.  

May the Lord grant that we may look upon him and both see and proclaim his blessing faithfully.

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