Sunday, May 30, 2010

Numbers 35.9-30, Luke 24.28-53 - Lectionary for 5/30/10 - Trinity Sunday

Today's readings are Numbers 35.9-30 and Luke 24.28-53.

This is the last of the readings in the lectionary based on position relative to Ash Wednesday.  From here until Ash Wednesday 2011 the readings are based on calendar dates.

In our passage from Numbers today we see God appointing the cities of refuge for those who have committed crimes and need to escape punishment.  Though the people who flee to the city of refuge are not free to leave without peril, as long as the high priest lives, they are safe from harm, having been accepted into the city of refuge.

I'm reminded today that Jesus, our risen and ascended Lord, is the high priest and that the Church is that city of refuge to which penitent sinners flee.  How long are we protected?  As long as we remain under the care of the Church in our penitence and as long as our High Priest lives. The good news?  Jesus has built the Church upon Himself, He is the eternal high priest, and nothing can come against the Church He has established.

I think that's quite enough to reflect upon this day.

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