Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Numbers 16.1-22, Luke 19.11-28 - Lectionary for 5/18/10 - Tuesday, Easter 7

Today's readings are Numbers 16.1-22 and Luke 19.11-28.

There are two issues that I think are of primary importance in our reading from Numbers today.  First, we see that the Lord has made a distinction between different people in their service before him. Not all of the tribe of Levi are among the priesthood.  Not everyone has the same role.  There are some who have been called to serve before the Lord in sacrifices.  There are others who have different privileges.  The role in which God has put us is a good role.  It is one which we can and should use diligently for his service.  It is not a wasted role.  Do we then avoid seeking any change in our position?  Not necessarily.  But we need to learn contentment in the position the Lord has given us.  That will never disappoint.

A second important issue we see in our Old Testament reading today is that God's anger would fall on the people of Israel for the sin of the Korahites except that Moses and Aaron, not of the people of Korah, begged God's mercy  Are we ever in such positions?  Thanks be to God that we have Jesus Christ, the risen and ascended Lord, at the right hand of the Father making intercession for us.  Thanks be to God that we have been recreated in his image and can pray for our enemies, and bless those who curse us.  May the Lord make us so grateful for the protective care he has lavished upon us that we also lavish that care on others.

Let us go, rejoicing, using the state in which our Lord has put us to bring his blessing to those we encounter today..

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