Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Numbers 9.1-23, Luke 16.1-18 - Lectionary for 5/11/10 - Tuesday, Easter 6

Today's readings are Numbers 9.1-23 and Luke 16.1-18.

I've noticed a recurring theme in our Old Testament readings.  In a nutshell, the theme is that God works things out according to his will.  He tells his people how life is best.  He gives them laws which are for their good.  And he gives his people mercy when they see they are not able to keep God's law.  Here, for example, when people are not able to celebrate the Passover due to being unclean through no fault of their own, they have an alternative date, by which time they can expect to be in a state to partake of Passover.  The rule is the same for the Israelites and for their guests and sojourners.  God has provided a way of cleansing.  If people desire to participate in it they are welcome.  If they don't conduct themselves in a way that says they do wish to participate then they are responsible for that failure.

Likewise in the New Testament time and again we see that the Lord does what is necessary to convert people, to redeem them to himself.  When his people, those he has died for and who he promises to raise again in newness of life, disregard his actions, his mercy, his grace, they bring their own condemnation upon themselves.

Lord, may we be joyful partakers of what you have provided for us, valuing your desires.


  1. I'm wondering - are there similar permissions for the unclean to participate in other festivals of the calendar? Something is telling me that Passover may be special.

  2. I wonder also. I don't recall any. I'd ask someone...like you.

    Passover would be special. You know, what just struck me is that the Day of Atonement doesn't seem to have an alternative. Maybe that's because it is such a corporate holiday. Passover has very important individual and family-specific implications.

    Any lurkers out there have an informed opinion?